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5 Strategies for Keeping Fit During Injury Recovery

Woman doing gentle yoga to promote fitness and injury recovery

Injuries can be frustrating setbacks, but they don't have to derail your fitness journey entirely. Whether you're an avid gym-goer or just trying to stay active for your health, injury doesn't necessarily mean you have to put your fitness goals on hold. In fact, staying active can even improve your recovery! Here are five strategies to help you stay in shape and maintain your fitness levels while recovering from an injury. We should emphasise that none of the below is medical advice and should not replace or supersede instructions from your doctor!

1. Consult an Exercise Professional

Working with an exercise professional who understands injury recovery can be invaluable. Consider booking an appointment with an accredited exercise physiologist, physiotherapist, or appropriately qualified personal trainer. They can create a customised plan tailored to your experience and your specific injury, ensuring you engage in safe and effective exercise to promote healing while maintain your fitness. A knowledgeable professional (like those at Xpress Personal Training) can also provide guidance on proper form and technique to prevent further injury.

2. Focus on Low Impact Exercises

While recovering, it's important to avoid exercises that put excessive strain on the injured area. Instead, incorporate low impact activities such as swimming, cycling, or walking into your routine. These can help maintain or improve cardiovascular health, build strength, and promote tissue repair without exacerbating your injury.

3. Prioritise Rest and Recovery

Adequate rest is a crucial component of injury recovery and overall health. While it's important to stay active, be sure to listen to your body and give yourself permission to rest when needed. We want to avoid a boom and bust cycle of pushing too hard too soon and creating further setbacks! Consider activities like gentle yoga to promote relaxation while staying active.

4. Embrace Strength Training

Strength training can be an excellent way to stay active and maintain fitness while recovering from an injury. Focus on exercises that target a variety of muscle groups while avoiding aggravating your injury or provoking pain. Start with light weights, resistance bands, or even just gentle range-of-motion movements and gradually increase the load and intensity as your injury injury heals and your strength improves. Avoid provoking excessive soreness and always remember point three!

5. Stay Positive and Patient

Dealing with an injury can be frustrating! Doing your best to maintain a positive attitude and practicing patients are also important components of successful recovery. Focus on what you can do right now rather than dwelling on limitations. Celebrate small victories along the way and trust the process as you work towards recovery.

Implementing these strategies can help you stay on track with your fitness goals while allowing your body the time it needs to heal and recover from injury. Prioritise your well-being throughout the process and don't be afraid to seek guidance from health and exercise professionals to support your journey. If you're not sure where to start, reach out to us at Xpress Personal Training for advice and support!

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