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Adelaide personal training in 30 minutes!

Why not put yourself first, feel great and build confidence?

Our friendly Xpress Personal Training (XPT) studio gym in Adelaide CBD has experienced personal trainers who are perfect for:

  • Beginners, first-timers, and mature people

  • Anyone looking for a small, welcoming studio gym & personal training support

  • People who want to create great habits and feel fantastic

  • Enjoy a gym for fun and fitness

  • Join us to feel great in only 30 minutes


You deserve it.



How can XPT personal trainers help you?

A personal training session at an Adelaide gym
  • Our XPT personal trainers offer much more than a gym workout

  • We create a custom, comprehensive personal training program that is tailored to your age, ability and fitness goals

  • Our complete training program will help you build healthy habits and confidence around eating, lifestyle and accountability

  • We see you as a person, not a money-making opportunity


You deserve the best you. Click here for

Our Adelaide CBD studio gym

  • Our friendly studio gym is in Adelaide CBD with easy parking

  • You’ll always be greeted by name and welcomed

  • There’s always a personal trainer in the gym to lend a hand

  • Equipment is always available—no more than 10 people training at once

  • Individualised training workouts are provided as often as you like


 Reward yourself. Find out more about

Interval training at a gym near me

What results can I expect from personal training at XPT?

  • More energy

  • Increased confidence and resilience

  • Greater flexibility

  • Reduced stress levels

  • A supportive, friendly environment to pursue your fitness goals

What fitness and lifestyle goals have others achieved at XPT's studio gym?

  • Personal bests in fun runs, half-marathons, and marathons

  • Personal bests in weight training

  • Weight loss

  • Recovery from broken bones, sports injuries and surgery

  • Improved balance

  • Healthier lifestyles and improved quality of life

Anton's fitness journey to launch XPT

Xpress Personal Training gym owner with his kids

Hi, I’m Anton, owner of Xpress Personal Training. For more than 25 years I’ve supported all kinds of people on the challenging journey of trying to improve their health and fitness to feel great and have more energy. 


I’m passionate about helping others, and I’ve been a single parent, raising 2 daughters and running my gym and personal training business at the same time — so believe me, I understand what it’s like to be tired all the time and overwhelmed!


I’m not the type of person who’s obsessed with fitness. “Smashing out a workout at the gym” was not my idea of fun. As far as diet goes, I love my sweets and I don’t like salad!

I struggled


So just like most people, I battled with exercising and eating right, and once I had kids, they definitely came first over my own well-being.


To be honest, I felt pretty ordinary. However, I also realised that nobody was coming to rescue me, and unless I established some healthy habits, and made my fitness a priority, I couldn’t be the parent or the gym business owner I wanted to be.


Getting my act together was really hard. I failed many times, and struggled to keep to a plan. But I was committed to pulling myself back up and starting again.


Being consistent with training was the key

I discovered being consistent was the key. It led to me feeling so much better physically and I began to trust that I could actually follow through with things — and that gave me much more confidence in myself.


One of my core beliefs is that we’re here to help people, and that’s why I created Xpress Personal Training (XPT). It's a 30-minute, time efficient, personal training program that focuses on adopting a healthy mindset while also creating good habits with your personal training and eating. Our experienced personal trainers are always on hand to help you out.


XPT studio gym and personal training

As a result of embracing XPT studio gym and personal training, you’ll have more energy and feel fitter and healthier. You’ll gain confidence knowing you can handle whatever life has to throw at you.


If you’ve had similar challenges to me, XPT could be exactly what you need to get fit and stay healthy.


So, why not get in touch to start your free personal training or gym trial today? Our personal trainers are ready for you.

Interested in working for XPT? See our careers page.

How is XPT Personal Training Covid-safe?

  • Members use hand sanitiser before training

  • Members use spray bottles and cloths to clean training equipment

  • Members keep 1.5m distance

Our members tend to be older, don’t go to nightclubs and behave responsibly. No one comes to the gym when they’re sick and no one has caught Covid from our gym.

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  • 30 minute 1-on-1 workouts

  • Effective, affordable, fun

  • Results guaranteed or your money back


  • Friendly, relaxed studio

  • Supervised individual workouts

  • Greeted by name, reminder calls


  • Pilates


  • Mon - Fri  (Morning) 6am - 9am

  • Mon, Wed, Fri (Lunch) 11am - 2pm

  • Mon - Fri  (Night) 4:30pm - 7pm

  • Sat (Morning) 7:30am - 9am


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