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Muscles worked: Chest

  • Lay on the bench.

  • Feet on floor or foot rest.

  • Dumbells in line with chest.

  • Push dumbells up in "A" motion.

  • Lock out arms.

  • Dumbells don't touch.

  • Return slowly to start.

Muscles worked: Shoulders

  • Sit on chair, feet on floor.

  • Back straight, bum tucked in, head neutral.

  • Place dumbbells outside  shoulders.

  • Push dumbbells up in "A" motion, locking arms.

  • Slowly lower to start position.

Muscles worked: Back

  • Sit on machine, hips close to leg rolls.

  • Lean back slightly, raising weights.

  • Pull bar down slowly without more lean.

  • Touch bar to chest.
  • Slowly raise  bar to start position.

Muscles Worked: Biceps

  • Stand one foot forward, slight bend in knees.

  • Dumbbells palms facing forward, elbows locked, resting near hips.

  • Slowly lift dumbbells up to top together.

  • Slowly lower dumbbells  down together.

  • Don't swing your body, make sure you lock your arms each time.

Muscles Worked: Triceps

  • Stand with one foot in front of the other, slight bend in the knees.

  • Hold bar, thumbs either side or on top

  • Place elbows in front of hips.

  • Push bar down until  arms are fully locked out.

  • Tense the back of arms ( Triceps ).

  • Slowly release the bar up, keep elbows in, make sure there is a gap between your chest and the bar.

  • When bar is at chest height, stop, and push back down.

Muscles Worked: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings

  • Stand holding  dumbbell to chest,  with your feet just over shoulder width apart.

  • Heels can be on plates if required.

  • Slowly squat down until legs are parallel to the floor.
  • Keep chest and head up, and back straight.
  • Shoulders should be behind knees.
  • At bottom, push with legs, and move bum and upper body at the same time.

  • Return to starting position.

Muscles Worked: Abdominals

  • Lie flat on mat, with knees at 90-degrees, and feet flat on floor.

  • Place hands on thighs, and raise shoulders off floor.

  • Head should be in neutral position.

  • Lift upper body off the floor.

  • Wrist should be over knees.

  • Slowly lower back to start position