• Are you short of time?

  • Want a fast and efficient personal training work out?

  • Need one-on-one support with a personal trainer?





  • First, we’ll assess your goals, motivations and previous challenges

  • We design a personalised program to meet your needs

  • Our solution includes building healthy habits, confidence and being accountable

  • Come and try your free personal trainer session

  • If you like our service, you can choose a block of personal training sessions and start working out with a personal trainer

  • Our prices vary from $50 to $60 per session depending on how many blocks you commit to



  • Are you a self-motivated exerciser?

  • Want a small gym where you can do training at your own pace?

  • Need a little support to get started?



  • First, we’ll assess your training goals

  • We can design a progressive exercise program to meet your needs

  • Come and try your free one-week gym pass

  • If you like our gym, you can choose a 3, 6 or 12-month gym membership and start training

  • Monthly gym memberships start from $88 per month, which works out to less than $5 a day for our keen 5-day-a-week members

  • Casual passes start as low as $11 per gym session


XPT Personal Training & Gym

How we can help you with personal training

Xpress Gym option

How we can help you train independently

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