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Hi, I'm Anton.

Thanks for your interest in my friendly gym for non-gym people.


You can watch the welcome video below or read on for what you need to know

I run a convenient city-based gym that caters for people who would like more support, motivation and encouragement on their fitness journey. These people usually sign up for Personal Training (PT) sessions to get one-on-one fitness sessions.


We also cater for more independent people who are happy to get a personalised exercise program to follow at the gym with occasional advice along the way.


Either way, you’ll find we have a great community of fun people who are friendly and non-judgemental. You won’t find any Lycra gym bunnies or macho men at our gym!


Have a look around the site and if it looks like something you might like, you can either call me direct on 0415 795 879, or complete the form below and I’ll get in touch with you soon.


I hope to meet you soon.



Success! Thank you so much for your inquiry! We'll get back in touch soon!.

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