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Benefits of personal training at XPT Gym

Why sign up with XPT?


  • Our personalised training programs are proven to be successful

  • Our one-on-one personal trainer support will help you realise your goals

  • ​We see you as a person, not a money-making opportunity

What results can I expect from personal training at XPT gym?

  • More energy

  • Increased confidence

  • Greater resilience

  • Better flexibility

  • Reduced stress

What goals have others achieved at XPT?

  • Weight loss

  • PBs in fun runs, half-marathons and marathons

  • PBs in weight training

  • Recovery from broken bones, sports injuries and surgery

  • Improved balance with MS

  • Better lifestyles

The cost of not taking action



  • Do you want to feel the same as you do now in a year’s time?

  • With our free personal training and gym trials, you’ve got nothing to lose

  • What are you risking if you give our personal trainers a try?

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